Recommended Bee mags…

So just last night my friend Bethany sent me a message on Facebook – asking for recommendations about good bee magazines to subscribe to.  Now you’ve got to understand this about that — that frankly, the magazine format has always sort of annoyed me – because I mostly prefer to read “stories”.

And when I read a story in a book, the story starts at the beginning and marches right on through to the end, page after page, without skipping around to different places; – it goes straight from start to finish.  But magazines, as you know, are set up to distract you from the story with other interesting stories, and fascinating advertisements.  So that I sometimes feel a bit fragmented by the time I get to the back cover!

But it was a good question, and as it turns out, I actually did have an answer despite my preference for my stories-all-in-a-row, and here is what I told her:

  • There are two good US choices – the ABJ – American Bee Journal, and Bee Culture Magazine.
  • About the ABJ –The American Bee Journal was established in 1861 by Samuel Wagner and has been published continuously since that time, except for a brief period during the Civil War. The Journal has the honor of being the oldest English language beekeeping publication in the world. Today, Dadant and Sons has the privilege of publishing the American Bee Journal for subscribers throughout the world. Readership is concentrated among hobby and commercial beekeepers, bee supply dealers, queen breeders, package-bee shippers, honey packers, and entomologists.


  • Bee Culture is another great magazine. Edited by Kim Flottum, a real good guy in the bee world, especially well known amongst the 26 states that are part of EAS – the Eastern Apiculture Society.  The magazine is published by A.I. Root, whom I have come to think of as the candle people. They have a digital subscription available for only $15.00 and Kim sends out the Catch the Buzz email with current news tidbits and interesting stuff.  You can sign up for Catch the Buzz here:
  • Bee Culture’s website is located here:  The link to their digital edition information is halfway down the page on the left side.
  • A completely great thing that Bee Culture does is they maintain an on-line “Who’s Who in North American Beekeeping”.  So if you want to find a beekeeping association in another US state, or Canadian province, it’s easy!  The link to the Who’s Who is:
    Alternatively you can click on the Contact Beekeepers link on their home page.


  • Then, coming out of the UK is a good resource called Bee Craft UK. Easy to get digitally, a 12-month subscription costing 29 pounds British Sterling, which is right around $45 US.  Lots of good information and helps to keep an American beekeeper aware that there’s more than one way of looking at beekeeping!

Now if you’re anything like me, that’s enough “bee reading” to bury you for a month! So check them out while you sit by your holiday fire and enjoy!  And Bethany – thanks for asking!



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