Frankly, Scarlett — I’m alarmed!

ImageIt’s mid-March.  I’m in Maine.  I’m walking out the door and going across the street to the mailbox in jeans and a t-shirt.  Every other conversation I engage in – even with a stranger on the street, or with the person next to me at the health food store – is about the WEATHER!

Why is it 70 degrees in Maine in March?  Right outside my kitchen door there are daffodils about to burst – lupine showing the green starburst leaves – dandelion greens ready to send up the first bright yellow “bee food” – pussy willow trees across the street covered in fuzzy catkins.  This time last year I was shoveling snow for the umpteenth time – four feet of the stuff, that hung around nearly into May!

And did you now that the USDA recently published a revised version of the Plant Hardiness Zone map?  Yep, it’s true – you can check it out here:

What does THAT tell us?  Are we still thinking global warming/climate change is some sort of amorphous fairy tale made up to frighten children?  Well – it’s working – because I’m scared for sure!

Sometimes it’s a little bit much to take – changing weather means changing forage for bees.  Changing forage for bees affects their ability to store food, and to survive through the winter.  Bees surviving through the winter affects what you and I have to eat every day.  It’s all CONNECTED to EVERYTHING!

The emerging skillset for today’s human needs to include the ability to withstand the sort of insidious stress involved when you live in a time of such utter uncertainty.  And the only antidote I know is to stay focused on what I WANT.  Focusing on what I do not want gets  me more of that – just as surely as looking at something I do not want to hit when I am aiming my bow makes me send an arrow into the wrong target.

When I started Gold Star Honeybees I said:  Our focus will be on healthy honey bees.
Join us in the paradigm shift that has begun – Focus on what you want more of – healthy bees, clean agriculture, organic food – and together we can make it happen.  Those crucial connections that make us fragile also make us stronger – and somewhere in the midst of it all is the most important thing – love.  And from there – comes life.  A life worth living.  All because of these connections… and frankly,  I think we all give a damn…

Watch the TED talk here:


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