The Gold Star Top Bar Hive Kit

Healthy honey bees…

That was our focus when we began designing the Gold Star Top Bar Hive in 2007.

We wanted to create a hive that was good for bees.  We wanted to make it easy for beekeepers to keep bees in this hive.  And we wanted it – both the hive and the manufacture of it – to be as sustainable and planet-friendly as possible.

So after a lot of testing and tampering, and some R&D sessions that looked a lot like some people shivering in an unheated wood shop during a cold February in Maine, scratching our heads and saying “Hmmmm…  what if?”, we think we have done just that.

In a nutshell – a Gold Star Top Bar Hive is a bee-friendly, beekeeper-friendly, planet-friendly  kit that goes together with two simple tools — a Phillips head screwdriver and a staplegun.  It has a one piece, bevelled top bar with no separate pieces to fall out or break off.  It has a slope-sided hive box that mimics the natural curved shape that bees like to follow when they build honeycomb.

It’s got removable legs that stand the whole thing up at counter-height so you don’t have to bend over to inspect it – a window that allows you to “peek” at the bees in order to see whether you even need to open the hive to inspect it – and a gable roof that looks pretty good in your garden.

And it’s all made of “green” materials…

  • Solid wood, no laminated products, so no glues.
  • Non-toxic, voc-free paint on the roof – because paint, even mostly innocent latex paint, off-gasses some nasty chemicals for up to 5 years.  This paint doesn’t do that, and doesn’t contain any formaldehyde either.  It’s made by Mythic.
  • Non-toxic caulk to anchor and seal the glass observation window.  The caulk comes from Safecoat.

The whole thing – the top bar hive kit and the philosophy of top bar beekeeping – is designed to let bees be bees – and to make their own natural beeswax honeycomb, with cells in the size — and comb in the shape — that they need to make it in.  Bees know these things.  We don’t.  So we let them do it their way.

We’ve worked hard on this hive design, and behind the scenes, we will always be working on it — getting input and suggestions from you about changes that will improve things — adding things we learn as we go along – but in essence, it’s here, it’s real, it’s quality, and it works…

You can visit us on the web at, and you can call us at 207-449-1121.

A Gold Star Top Bar Hive

A Gold Star Top Bar Hive


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